My daughter informed me as she was driving home she heard a 'clunk' and then nothing but a grinding noise until she parked the truck. Fearing the worst, I started calling around, most places wanted me to drive the truck to their shops so they could get a look before giving me any type of information on what the issue might be or involve. When I called Certified Transmission, I talked with Shelly and described to her what my issue was. Once she heard my side, she gave me the "Best Case" to "Worst Case" scenarios of what the issue could be. Her knowledge of vehicles and the parts involved was impressive. She told me the repair process in detail, the parts that would be needed to potential parts, once they had the vehicle and could really get a good look. Talk about impressed! The way Shelly was able to give me the information, I knew that this is where I wanted to take my daughters truck. So I set up an appointment and took the truck in. The time to complete the repairs was only a couple of days. Another plus, as my daughter informed me how difficult it was to be without a truck! When I went to pick up the truck, Shelly went over everything that was done on the repair with the same detail as she did when I initially called. Her knowledge and expertise was showing and really impressed me. This gave me a solid feeling that I took the truck to the right place and that I will take my other vehicle to them if and when the time comes. Thank you Shelly! Your knowledge and expertise is hands down some of the best I have seen in dealing with repair shops! Keep up the good work!

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