Karla Houfek - Firth NE

I received a recall on my ignition from Cadillac. I took my car to Husker for the recall and an oil change. While I was at Husker i was asked if I had done my 50,000 mile fluid change. No I had not.. i rescheduled for another day. Took my car in for fluid change, transmission, power steering, flushed brake system, clean throttle IAC value, flushed fuel injectors.. you get my point Husker did it all...I drove my car home to find fluids on my garage floor. Had my car towed to Husker. I was called later the next day to tell me.... ":i needed a new transmission, I dropped 3rd gear, and a new power steering pump" Husker would stand behind nothing! I had my car towed to Certified Transmission, Brad was very honest with me. Certified drove my car 5 times and found "Nothing wrong with my transmission, shifted just fine" to make sure there was no doubt of me getting stranded on the road. brad suggested they dropped my transmission pan to look for metal shaving. Upon inspection there were no metal shaving and my transmission filter looked very clean and good". Certified Transmission put my car together and I have been driving it with no problems... Husker cost $7,364.29 Certified Transmission $252.30. I had never heard of Certified Transmission before. I have now told everyone Brad and his guys will always have my business!

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