Gerald Relford - Omaha NE

Wow! Just terrific! Thrilled to no end! My Mazda Tribute was running really, really badly, not shifting into higher gears during acceleration. Referred to another outfit, they said they do not service Mazda Tributes. :o( ??? A good friend told me about Certified, their history and the man behind it, as well as his good experience with them. I went to the phone book and randomly picked Mike and the guys at the Emmet street location. Smartest, best thing I did! Fully expecting bad news about needing a new transmission and the possibility of being taken for an expensive ride, I allowed Mike and his crew to do a FREE evaluation. Nervously calling him back for the outcome, he told me there was nothing wrong with my tranny, that my car's shifting issues were engine related. Good news indeed! Now HERE is the best part! Mike told me that if I would be looking for a shop to fix my car, he could recommend someone he trusted and that I would most likely appreciate. He gave me the name and the contact info. Rather than call Steve's Service on 79th and Blondo, I went by the business on a Friday morning. Nice people! Beth said they could look at it on Monday and that there was a chance Steve might get to it that afternoon. I left the car with them, planning to hear from them on Monday and spending lots of money on the engine, expecting more bad news. That p.m. they called and said Steve found and fixed the problem for a small amount, much, much, much less than I expected. Car runs like a top! They fixed the problem that a west Omaha Ford new car dealership service dept. did not! I was and am one joyous man, and I called Mike back at Certified to thank him profusely, and to tell him the good news, and that I would be writing this glowing review of Certified! Thank you Mike and Certified crew at 110th and Emmet for the work, the offer of great resources, and for making 2014 start off great for me! I really, really, REALLY am thankful! You deserve five hundred stars!

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