Certified Transmission understands the importance of finding a well-trained & qualified automotive transmission technician in the Omaha area. This is why our expert transmission technician staff is professionally trained and certified. Each transmission repair expert on our team strives for excellence in every automotive repair service our company offers.

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Bellevue Store402 734 4450

Picture of Nick Miners
Nick grew up in the Omaha area and attended Peru State College where he played on the baseball team. 2017 was a big year for Nick as he got married to his wife Emily and began working at Certified Transmission. He says he likes Certified for its attention to quality customer care. He is an avid softball player and plays in many high-level tournaments across the country. He also has two dogs: a St. Bernard named Buddy and a mixed-breed dog named Lily.
Picture of Justin Hanig
  • Justin Hanig
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Paul Loch
Paul has been a Master Certified Technician for 5 years. He has worked at Certified Transmission since 2010. He and his wife enjoy time on their 4-wheelers and cruising around in his '94 turbo charged Ford Mustang Cobra. One of Paul's favorite hobbies is experimenting with fresh water and salt water fish.
Picture of Enrique Cabrera
  • Enrique Cabrera
  • Technician

75th and Pacific Store402 393 3306

Picture of Kyle Moore
Kyle is born and raised in Omaha, Ne. Kyle has been in the automotive industry for 5 years. Kyle Strives to give every customer a world class experience and his meticulous approach to your car and family is one of the best in the business. Kyle has two girls of the ages of 6 and 2 and they are his world.
Picture of Frank Tinney
Frank has over 20 years of automotive repair industry experience. He strives to ensure every customer he helps at Certified has a positive experience and receives excellent service. Frank spends his free time enjoying family and is a NASCAR enthusiast.
Picture of Jim Hamilton
Jim has been in the transmission field since 1976. Jim has seen it all - from the simple Chevy transmission 2 speed powerglide to the complex Lexus transaxle. He has been with Certified Transmission since 1992. Jim is married with 5 children and 2 grandchildren. His hobbies include fishing and motor cycle drag racing.
Picture of Scott Wilgus
Scott has been with Certified Transmission since 1998. He is a transmission technician working on anything from Hondas to Fords. Scott is now an expert on most cars and helps train our new technicians. He has a large family and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.
Picture of Scott Penney
He loves to spend time with his 2 great daughters, Has been a Tech sense 2003, can fix small cars to large trucks, likes working on hot rods, and ride ATV's

108th and Maple Store402 493 0600

Picture of Mike Wurgler
Mike is born and raised in Omaha and has been in the transmission industry for over 10 years. With a well-rounded back round in the automotive field and customer service, he strives to provide exceptional service. He enjoys spending time with his 4 wonderful kids along with working on his own cars.
Picture of Dave Seaton
  • Dave Seaton
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Troy Hopp
Troy has been in the automotive repair industry his entire career and has been with Certified since February 2010. He has an Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology from Western Iowa Tech and is an ASE Master Certified Technician. Troy has 3 great children: Tyler, Amber, and Kayla. He also enjoys 70's classic rock and muscle cars.
Picture of Josh Reagan
  • Josh Reagan
  • Technician
Picture of Brandon Sharp
  • Brandon Sharp
  • Technician

Millard Store402 896 8799

Picture of Kirk Ryan
I have been with Certified Transmission since 1998,grew up around cars, I strive for excellent customer service I have been happily married since 1993 with 2 kids, in my spare time I enjoy building muscle cars & hot rods also try to get in a few Harley davidson rides in the summer
Picture of Joel Peterson
  • Joel Peterson
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Mike Greer
Mike has been with Certified Transmissions since 1996 and been in the industry since 1987. Mike has worked at most of our locations and was one of our top builders in our re-manufacturing plant until he moved to the retail stores. Mike is an ASE master Technician and enjoys the continuing education we offer. Mike has two great daughters, Lindsey and Morgan. He enjoys Husker football, Nascar, and relaxing at the pool.
Picture of Glenn Willoughby
I have been an ASE Certified Technician for 9 years and have a will background in the Auto industry including my past 3 years at Certified Transmission. I am married with four children and enjoy a variety of motorsport activities.I My goal is to eventually open my own repair shop and live on an acreage.
Picture of Anthony Bean
  • Anthony Bean
  • Technician

Council Bluffs Store712 328 1308

Picture of Brent Tripp
  • Brent Tripp
  • Store Manager
Picture of John Griffin
John has been with Certified since 1990 and is an ASE Certified Master Technician. John is married and has two sons. His hobbies include helping his son's work on their Sport Compact, Figure 8 and Demolition Derby Cars.
Picture of Enrique Jr. Cabrera
  • Enrique Jr. Cabrera
  • Technician